Yamaha fg800 review – Is it worth its price tag?



The musical pieces of             Jimmy Page or Jeff Beck definitely inspire anyone to start learning guitars. To begin with, you will have to first buy a good quality guitar which has good quality strings and preferably with a high action. Starting the practice with a good quality guitar is very essential because if you learn the basics right, you will be able to play with literally any guitar in this world. A little research online for affordable good quality guitars comes up with Yamaha fg800. This article will attempt a Yamaha fg800 review and check if it is really worth the money.

The Features of Yamaha fg800

Yamaha fg800 proves itself to be the best guitar that a beginner can possess because of its various features like the string tension, strength, which allows slight rough use. It is in the affordable price range and it is worth the money you pay because of the sound and the “feel”. Also, the designs with which it comes it simply amazing.

PlayabilityYamaha fg800 review

Yamaha fg800 is a little touch to play, given its high action. But experts say the quality of playing becomes high if one starts playing with a high action guitar. You can approach a luthier and get the action lowered.

Body and Neck

The look and durability are some of the most important aspects to be covered in Yamaha fg800 review. Yamaha fg800 has a standard neck which is both comfortable and smooth. The body features a scalloped bracing, has nato sides and a solid Sitka spruce top.


Many times, cheap guitars have poor sound but Yamaha fg800 is both well balanced and mellow. The dreadnought shapes produced a warm sound quality across frequencies, especially lower and mid ranges.

Also, Yamaha fg800 is designed in a way that the sound quality improves as it ages.

Should I purchase it?

It depends on what you need the guitar for. If you are looking to start practicing using Yamaha fg800, its high action might be a small problem. But, as you practice, you get used to it.

If you are a grandparent or parent looking for a guitar to gift your teenage grandchildren, this one is worth it. They will thank you for it.

If you wish to gift Yamaha fg800, then your friends would love it and have a better experience with guitars as this is one of the top-end guitars in the affordable range.

This is also the perfect one to purchase if you are an advanced guitar player and are looking for a guitar in the affordable range for jamming and practicing.

Final Words

Yamaha fg800 is one of the best guitars that you could buy and the price is quite affordable, given its sound quality, finish, durability, etc. It is perfect for beginners and advanced players alike and is also nice as a gift. So, if you are looking to buy a good guitar without burning a hole in your pocket, then Yamaha fg800 is the one for you.

Hope this Yamaha fg800 review helped you to decide what sort of guitar you need to purchase. All the Best!!

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