The Essence of the best Bowling Balls: Listing the characteristics of the ball



Bowling is an entertainment game that is played and cherished by most individuals. Most adults and even youngsters love playing the game in the consequent bowling arena. Basically, a bowling ball is a small hard ball, spherical in nature with the aim to hit all the bowling pins at the forefront. The pins are placed one after the other in the shape of a triangle and the ball hits the pins to knock them down. There are various types of bowling, for which the best bowling balls used are different. They are as follows:

  • Ten pin bowling
  • Five pin bowling
  • Candle pin bowling
  • Duck pin bowling

It is to be noted that for ten pin bowling, one can easily hold the ball with two fingers and also with the thumb. But for rest of the others, there are no holes in the ball and therefore, the whole hand is required to balance the ball and knock the pins down.


Listing the various specifications of the best bowling balls:best bowling balls

For several of the bowling games above, the balls are different and it goes by the same name. Thus for ten pin bowling, ten pin balls are used and accordingly the rest of the others very well goes the same way. However, the features of all the balls are different and they are as follows:

  1. Ten Pin balls-

One can balance the ball with the help of two fingers and the thumb. The various specifications of this ball are as follows-

  • Weight- 7.00 kgs
  • Diameter- 22cms

The ball is made of good quality hard wood, which is pretty much solid. While traditionally, rubber balls with two holes in it were used, it recently got replaced with the wood balls for faster knocking down of the pins. The finishing of the ball has to be perfect from all the corners so that one is able to get the target right. Since the ball is heavy, care must be taken while throwing the ball.

  1. Duck pin balls-

The specifications of the ball are very much lighter in comparison to the ten pin balls. There are no holes in the ball and it is smaller in size as well. The specifications of the ball is listed as follows-

  • Weight- between 1.5 to 2.00 kgs
  • Diameter- between 11 to 13 cms

First time players trying their luck at the game can surely play with duck pin balls due to their lighter nature.

  1. Five pin balls-

The specifications are as follows-

  • Weight- around 2 kgs
  • Diameter- 12 to 13 cms

This ball too has no finger holes.

  1. Candle pin balls-

The specifications are as follows-

  • Weight- 1 kg to 2 kgs
  • Diameter- 10 to 11 cms

This ball is comparatively lighter and is very useful for playing.


Thus, all the above fall into the category of the best bowling balls that is available.


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