Ice Fishing Leaves The Ice Age On Humminbird Ice 35




Imagine a person loves eating fishes, now if the prices of the fishes got hyped what would he choose to do if there is a lake or a river around his town? It is simple, he will go fishing. The season changed and the wintery winds hit his country. The mercury dropped below the freezing point, lakes and rivers got frozen up, would it affect the love he has for the fishes? Would he start hating fish just because he couldn’t get an opportunity to eat them? No, that’s not going to happen. He would now start thinking of better and efficient ways to go fishing as there would be a scarcity of them. In summers, he would just need a fishing bow, some lure, an empty bucket and patience, and by the end of his trip, he would have filled his bucket to quite a percentage. In winters, he couldn’t do that.

First of all, he would have to cut a hole in the thick layer of ice covering the lake and if the thickness of the layer couldn’t be thick enough to withstand a small hole or gap in its structure, the whole frozen layer would burst open engulfing the fisherman, and that could prove fatal. Let us suppose he dug a hole at the right place but the fish are present at a different side of the river, now how would he know that it’s a right place or not? These are only two problems that are mentioned here, but fishing during the winter season and especially in the areas where temperature generally stays below zero degrees Celsius can be a real challenge. So, we needed a saviour who could solve all these problems.

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The humminbird company saw the plight of a number of customers and launched the superhero, the humminbird ice 35 flasher. The humminbird took the initiative of taking the fishing in the icy waters out of the ice age. This gadget puts all the information that a person needs just at their fingertips. With the three-colour coded flasher display, there’s a detailed map formed on the screen with a proper topography of the area below the machine. The gadget also has a dual beam sonar at its reach, through which a person could choose from a narrow to quite a wide beam of detail just with the rotation of a dial. This sonar produces a much-detailed image of the water body as compared to traditional sonars. The 3-colour display, with double beam sonar, makes it the best gadget of its range as it could easily help in identifying fishes, structures and contours. It also has a 2x dynamic zoom feature through which a person can magnify the view of a specific area about which he wants to know things and also just with a dial, he could widen his field of view and bring more are under his observation. Though it has a variety of features, the company didn’t cease to surprise their customers and stop at this point in creativity, they installed this tech giant with a 7-hour battery in it when fully charged. No matter how much a person is into fishing, 7 hours could be a big interval of time.


 The humminbird ice 35 flasher could also work in the summers when the ice melts away, the fishermen could put it on their boat and it would work as a transducer. Though it’s called a giant, its weight goes against its name as it weighs just around 2 kgs. So no matter which season is going on, if a person has ice 35 he would just have to remember to charge this friend, and he would carry out all the other necessary checks for fishing.


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