Give Your Fishes The Care They Need With Aquarium Substrate



If you have installed a fish tank in your home then you would be knowing the importance of substrate or gravel in the tank. There would be any rare tank that would not be having a substrate of a fish aquarium in the bottom of the tank. If you want to take good care of your fishes who are present in your tank then you should pay some special attention while choosing the substrate that is best for your tank. This is because the substrate comes in many varieties, colors or types and hence you should be doing proper research of that Aquarium Substrate is best for you. With this article, you would be looking at some deeper information regarding the use of the substrate in your tank.

What is the purpose of a substrate in the tank?

 Aquarium Substrate

This would surely be the biggest question that a person would be having in his conscience that, why should we use substrate in the fish aquarium so what would be its use? Some of the purposes that are fulfilled by the substrate are given below,

  • Improved nitrogen cycle

When you use gravel in your fish tank there is an increase in the nitrogen cycle that is taking place in the tank. The gravel helps in the colonization of the good bacteria which would help in fixing the nitrogen in the tank.

  • Serves as support for live plants

With the gravel at the bottom. of the tank, you are going to witness that the live plants that are in your aquarium are going to get their roots fixed and hence have a stable base. Moreover, the plants could extract nutrients from their roots that are buried inside the gravel.

  • Beautifies your aquarium

When you use any type of substrate that goes out with the other accessories of the aquarium you are going to increase the beauty that the aquarium is having and therefore increasing the overall appeal of the tank. There are many great looking gravels or sands that would make your aquarium look the best that it could have ever looked.

  • Helps to let your aquarium remain clean

When you put some kind of substrate in your aquarium you are going to get clear water as there would be only little suspension particle that would be floating inside the water as the suspending particle would be settling under the substrate and you would witness the water as clear as crystal.

Types of substrates

There are many types of substrates that are available in the market that are having different qualities and are used in different situations. Some of the different types of substrates which are used in the fish tanks are given below, so give it a look.

  • River rock
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Laterite
  • Vermiculite
  • Marbles

There are many uses and applications of substrate in an aquarium, some of the uses and purpose of Aquarium Substrate were given in this article, and the rest should be found by you, so give them a try.

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